DogPacer Treadmill for Large Dogs, Up to 179 Lbs

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Overview of DogPacer Treadmill

Compactly designed treadmill always has an advantage when it comes to space consumption. DogPacer Traedmill is made to enhance its portability features. With its customized dog fitness programs, it is the perfect equipment for dog's fitness requirements.

As far as design and features is concerned, dogPACER do not compromise to impress results and eventually become the best in the dog equipment industry.

Intended Usage for This Dog Exercise Product

No matter how large your dogs are as long as it does not exceed 179 pounds, this equipment is suitable for them. This is perfectly designed to accommodate different dog sizes from small, medium, to large dogs. It has features that no other treadmill brands have attempted to do.

Features We Like from This Treadmill

Just like an ordinary dog treadmill, dogPACER features a customized dog fitness programs. It features a pre-programmed mode that will enable your dog to run, walk, and jog. Because it is compactly designed, this equipment is light in weight that provides no problem to bring anywhere. But the best feature that no other dog treadmill has done before is its ability to get folded. This is actually the only folding dog treadmill in the world.

Downsides as Reported by Other Users

The beeping and buzzing sound of the treadmill might actually scare your dog away. But all treadmills have this feature and dogs are only frightened during the first try, but after several attempts, dogs can get used to the sounds and will eventually love equipment.

Guarantee and Verdict

This is guaranteed to be proven and effective since there are already customers who already tried it using to their dogs. Safety is not a problem since it has a safety side wall to prevent dogs from slipping out and getting distracted.

Compared to competitive brands, this treadmill is relatively cheaper, but the amazing feature is worth enough to purchase. Being the only folding treadmill ever built, this one is certainly the best in the market if space is of a concern.

Click to find out why users rate this treadmill on average 4.7 stars out of 5. Also get more details and check latest pricing here.

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