GoPet TreadWheel for Large Dogs

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Overview of GoPet TreadWheel for Large Dogs

In order for your large dog to maintain its physical strength, it needs regular exercise and serious physical activities. With the help of fitness equipment such as GoPet TreadWheel for Large Dogs, your canine pet will have a chance to tone down its muscle and be on its best behavior.

This GoPet Treadwheel can handle large dog breeds of not more than 150 pounds. Just like a dog treadmill, this equipment can be used anytime even when there is a bad weather outside.

Intended Uses for This Product

For pet owners who have a very energetic large dog, this treadwheel from GoPet will perfectly suit your dog's requirement for fitness exercise. If you want to unleash your dog's natural running pace, this will likely help considering it does not have a programmable exercise program. This is also suitable for dog owners with several pets.

Features You Should Know about

Having its large running dimension, several of your dogs can actually use this equipment as long as it doesn't exceed on the maximum load capacity of 150 pounds.

Smaller dogs have a better chance to unleash their high energy running pace. It provides a natural way of toning your dog's body muscles and at the same time practice on its best behavior. The added surface mat also provides comfort to your dog while running on their own pace no matter how fast it is.

While providing a very good physical outlet for high energy dogs, it can resist mildew attack. It is also easier to clean and while still maintaining its safe and stable feature over time.

Small Limitations, or Not at All?

Tracking progress of your dog will be difficult since it doesn't have any electronic device that is being attached unlike modern dog treadmills. However, this usually is not a problem. Dog owners who walk and let their pets roam don't have this luxury as well.

The Verdict

When talking about efficiency, this equipment is guaranteed to be as efficient as sophisticated treadmill plus you are not forcing your dog to take the pre-loaded programs since it can decide on its own pace.

A safe environment for your dog is worth more than you could ask for. For only about a thousand and four hundred dollars, your money is worth your dog's safety.

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Looking for a treadwheel model for smaller dogs? GoPet happens to produce one too.

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