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Overview of GoPet TreadWheel for Small Dogs

While dog treadmill has earned its popularity for dog owners, GoPet has created equipment that can enhance the dog's strength, agility, and endurance naturally. Without the use of sophisticated electronic gadgets that can display time and distance, GoPet TreadWheel for small dogs is created to help enhance small dogs' health in a natural way. This dog treadwheel offers the same features as a pet guinea pig treadwheel.

Intended Use for This Product

Small dogs are relatively easier to take care compared to large built dogs. But it doesn't exempt you from taking your dog for a regular exercise because dogs actually need to release their energy since it is their normal trait. This equipment is perfect for dogs not exceeding 25 pounds.

Features Worth Mentioning

Having an overall dimension of 44 inches in height by 30 inches in depth, and 40 inches in width, this treadwheel can fully accommodate a small dog of not more than 25 pounds. It has a running surface mat for comfortable running.

The free-off leash feature provides a free running exercise experience at your dog's own pace. Totally safe and stable while providing full physical outlet for energetic dogs. This is an easy to clean equipment surface. It is also designed to resist mildew as well as ultraviolet rays for perfect outdoor experience.

Since it has no electronic display for time and distance, you cannot actually record the development of your dog. But this is actually effective for small dogs that don't want the buzzing sound of electric treadmill. In other words, let the canine pets fulfill their own exercise requirements.

Summary and Verdict

This GoPet TreadWheel for small dogs will be as effective as treadmill in giving the physical activity requirement of your dog. It doesn't matter if it has no electric display what's important is its efficiency in providing an effective exercise especially for overweight dogs.

For about $500 to $550 your money is worth enough to purchase this equipment for your dog. You can effectively provide healthier and happier life to your dog plus you can let your dog have the running pace out on his own.

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By the way, if this is not for you, GoPet also produces treadwheel for large dogs.

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