PetZen DogTread Medium Motorized Treadmill, PZ1702

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Overview of PetZen DogTread Medium Motorized Treadmill

Helping your canine friend in establishing a regular exercise routine will be easy with this PetZen DogTread Medium Motorized Treadmill (PZ1702). Whether it is raining or snowing outside, you can still use this treadmill and boost your dog's energy requirement every day.

Intended Use for This Product

This equipment is not only designed to maintain any dog's physical activities but this is actually created to help every dog's need for vitality and muscle toning, thus increase the lifespan.

For pet owners who have a dog weighing not more than 60 pounds, this dog treadmill is the perfect buddy for them to take care of their pet. With this equipment from Dog Tread, they can help their dog tone down their muscles and eventually have a happy and healthy life.

For your dog's body regimen it is important to take care of them the way they should be. Dogs are normally energetic and they should meet the required physical activity everyday to maintain a healthy body.

What We Really Like about This Product

This equipment is perfect in toning down your dog's muscles. It can also help in curbing their unpleasant behavior. The equipment comes with training guidelines with programmable options for distance and time.

It features adjustable speed, incline options, canvas side panels that are collapsible, a remote control, screen display, and safety features for start and stop. It has also wheels for easy transporting.

(Wow, that was a long list of great features.)

Limitation You Should be Aware of

With its maximum capacity of 60 pounds, this is not actually advisable for pet owners who have several dogs having larger built. But for those who only have one medium built dog, this is enough to suffice your dog's exercise requirement.

Don't forget though, there are other models of treadmill from PetZen that can support small and large-sized dogs.

Summary and The Verdict

Having its amazing features that are programmable using the remote control, this is a certified effective dog treadmill since it is very easy to operate.

For about $650 to $750 you will get more than you have expected. You will now have a chance to control your dog's unpleasant behavior with the ability to learn new tricks.

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