Total Pet Health Dog Treadmill, 30 Pounds

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Overview of Total Pet Health Dog Treadmill

Looking for a debris-free environment for your dog strength training? Total Pet Health Dog Treadmill is the perfect equipment for you. Dog treadmill can provide a safe environment whether it is for physical strength requirement or for dog recovery.

The safety features of the machine prevent further fractures to your dog. Programmable features can enhance the dog's endurance and strength.

The Intended Use of This Product

This is perfect for pet owners whose dog have undergone accidents. This is the perfect rehabilitation equipment for dogs because of its safety features while enhancing its physical strength and eventually recover fast. But it is not actually restricted to recovering dogs. It is actually suitable for every dog as long as it does not exceed 30 pounds.

For a debris-free environment, this Total Pet Health dog treadmill can perfectly provide exercising environment. Let your dogs gain vitality and fulfill their exercise requirement even when they have fractured body parts.

Do not deprive your dogs to live a happy a healthy life just because they cannot move properly.

With this Total Pet Health Treadmill, you can actually help your dog recover fast and easy. It features a safety collar clip that stops the machine whenever the dog falls. It also offers a programmable feature for time and distance. The very low platform is very effective even with three incline option.

Limitation Every Owner Should be Aware of

Because it can only accommodate for up to 30 pound dog, it is not really suitable for pet owners who owns several dogs plus the safety side cover of the equipment might easily get torn.

The Verdict

If you want a very safe environment for your dog's recovery program or simply as an exercise helper, this is guaranteed to provide what you are looking for. Adjustable features are also offered making it as effective as competitive brands in the market.

For about half a thousand dollars, this is money-worth equipment to purchase. For having a programmable time, speed, and distance, as well as adjustable features, this equipment really has a lot to offer.

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Need a model for larger dogs? You are covered, there is one which supports up your canine pets up to 150 pounds.

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